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Airports and aviation crime

We keep travellers, Australian airports, and other Australian interests safe
    About this crime type

    About this crime

    Crimes at airports, or those related to aviation, don't just harm travellers. They are a threat to Australia's security as a whole.

    Our Aviation Operations team prevents and responds to crimes at airports, including:

    • antisocial and dangerous behaviour
    • carrying dangerous goods, including weapons, drugs, and banned chemicals
    • cyberattacks, threats and hoaxes against airports or aircraft
    • other threats to aviation or to the safety of the travelling public.

    These can also include:

    I'm on base at Brisbane Airport. I have 2 dogs. One is a cash and drug dog. Another is a firearms and explosives dog.

    Senior Constable

    Our work

    Our Aviation Operations team provides airport, aviation security and policing services to Australia.

    We work on preventing, disrupting and responding to terrorism, security and criminal threats at 9 Australian airports. This includes:

    • responding to and investigating serious or organised crime
    • providing a counter terrorism first response capability
    • responding to critical or emergency incidents
    • providing a uniformed policing at designated airports.

    We also prevent and respond to threats and hoaxes.

    We do this by:

    • undertaking targeted operations
    • performing high visibility patrols at designated airports
    • providing specialist technical advice on chemical and explosive risks
    • supporting other agencies, airlines and partners through training and advice.


    Report a crime or concern

    We can investigate Commonwealth crimes (sometimes called federal crimes) and crimes that take place in the Australian Capital Territory. What best describes the crime you want to report or what you want to tell us about?

    How to report

    Before submitting a report read our airports and aviation crime-related information to report accurately

    If you see or hear something suspicious at an Australian airport, you can report it to us by calling Airport Watch on 

    131 237 (131 AFP). Airport Watch is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    This might include seeing or hearing:

    • unruly, anti-social or violent behaviour
    • suspicious activities or items, including unattended baggage
    • anything that makes you suspect that a crime has occurred, or is about to occur.

    Join us

    Play a critical role in protecting Australia's airports and people. Safe, secure and efficient air services are critical to Australia's national security.

    We are always looking for highly motivated people to work with us defending Australia's airports and aviation industry from serious threats like terrorism.

    You can choose from a variety of challenging and rewarding roles.

    If you're keen to work on the ground at airports, you can join our Airport Operations team. This team includes:

    • aviation police commanders, who provide coordinated command and control at airports
    • aviation operations officers, who provide uniformed policing duties across designated Australian airports.

    If you enjoy working with animals and keeping fit, you could become a detection canine handler. You and your dog will help us detect such things as explosives, drugs, and firearms.

    We also employ intelligence officers and analysts to support complex investigations. You'll need advanced research and analytical skills and experience or tertiary qualifications in policing, law enforcement or criminal intelligence.

    If counter-terrorism interests you, you could become a counter-terrorism investigator.

    Find out more about these roles:

    You can apply for positions when they are advertised on our Jobs portal.

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