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Analyst or officer – Intelligence Operations

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Join the front line of Australia’s criminal and national security defence.

As an intelligence analyst or an intelligence officer, you may not be in the spotlight, but you'll be significantly influencing our direction and results.

Our Intelligence Operations teams help to detect and prevent crime. You'll provide critical information on criminal threats so that we can make the right decisions in the field.

Intelligence Operations teams work across every threat, including:

There are opportunities to work across Australia and around the world.

We have intelligence roles for specialist intelligence officers and analysts, as well as police officers.

Intelligence officer

What you will do

As an intelligence officer, you'll collaborate with our analysts, review intelligence activity and deepen your analytical skills.

Your role will:

  • support complex investigations
  • plan, collect, collate and analyse information for investigators
  • provide intelligence in support of our corporate objectives
  • research current issues and trends
  • conduct high-level intelligence briefings
  • record information and intelligence
  • coach and mentor others
  • maintain currency of knowledge through ongoing learning
  • work closely with other teams in an operational policing environment.

If you join us as an intelligence officer, you'll apply for a job at a Band 3, 4 or 5 level. You'll also have access to a wide range of benefits and conditions.

To learn more about career progression, salary bands and entitlements, read our Enterprise Agreement.

Intelligence analyst

What you'll do

As an intelligence analyst, you'll engage in complex analysis that influences and guides direction and policy for our operations teams.

This means you'll:

  • analyse information with creative and critical thinking
  • articulate complex matters confidently
  • identify, locate, interpret and evaluate information and data
  • build and sustain relationships within the AFP and externally
  • coach and mentor up-and-coming intelligence officers
  • maintain your knowledge of the intelligence environment
  • provide a consolidated picture of serious threats
  • continue your personal development.

In some cases, you'll even lead an intelligence team to deliver operational outcomes.

If you join as an intelligence analyst or intelligence team leader, you'll apply for a job at Band 6 or Band 7.

Our people get a wide range of benefits and conditions.

To learn more about career progression, salary bands and entitlements, read our Enterprise Agreement.


To join our team of intelligence officers, you must:

  • be aged 18 years or over
  • be an Australian citizen
  • have contemporary experience in policing, law enforcement or criminal intelligence, or hold tertiary qualifications in these fields
  • have strong research and analytical skills
  • have knowledge of Commonwealth legislation or the ability to obtain this knowledge
  • be able to obtain a high-level security clearance.

To join our team of intelligence analysts, you must also:

  • have advanced research and analytical skills

Before being offered a job with us you'll also need to:

How to apply

We advertise vacancies on our Jobs portal.

Each position will outline the application process.

To see the current positions available, visit our Jobs portal .