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Investigator – Counter Terrorism

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For a front-row seat to protecting Australians and Australia's national security, you can't beat the work of a counter-terrorism specialist.

As a counter-terrorism investigator you'll work against the serious threat of terrorism. You will be part of our Counter Terrorism and Special Investigations Command (CTSI Command).

What you'll do

Counter-terrorism investigators collect, prepare and present information and evidence to support counter-terrorism investigations that cross state and national borders. This includes being a key member of Australia's Joint Counter Terrorism Teams, or CTSI Command's Enduring Risk Investigations function.

Coming from a policing background, you'll also have the right knowledge and experience to work with our partners, gathering information, intelligence and evidence to help determine appropriate law enforcement responses.

As a part of CTSI Command, you'll:

  • prevent, disrupt and investigate terrorist activity, both domestically and internationally
  • work with domestic and international law enforcement and intelligence partners on counter-terrorism investigations
  • mitigate the threat posed by Australians who:
    • commit or plan terrorist acts
    • provide support to terrorist groups
    • travel overseas to participate in training or to fight in conflict zones
  • assess and mitigate the risk to the community posed by convicted terrorist offenders upon their release; and
  • help shape the strategic role of the AFP and the policies and legislation we operate under.

As a counter-terrorism investigator, you'll have access to a wide range of benefits and conditions, including international and domestic training and travel. As your career evolves, you'll have the opportunity to progress through ranks from constable to senior executive (Commander and above).

To learn more about career progression, salary bands and entitlements, read our Enterprise Agreement.


To become a counter-terrorism investigator, you'll ideally have at least 3 years of investigative experience.

Your experience could be either:

Once you have the required amount of experience, you'll be able to apply for investigative positions when they're advertised on our Jobs portal.

Joining the AFP as a new recruit

To start your career as a police officer or protective service officer with us, you must:

  • be 18 years or over
  • be an Australian citizen
  • hold a valid Australian driver's licence (P plates are accepted, if you have a learners licence don't apply until you have your provisional licence)
  • meet our character standards
  • hold at least one of the following qualifications:
    • Year 10 Certificate and 2 years of work experience
    • Year 10 Certificate and a nationally recognised vocational education qualification at Certificate III level or higher
    • Year 12 Certificate
    • vocational education (TAFE) qualification or university qualification at Diploma level or higher.

You must also provide evidence that you:

  • have had 2 primary doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine or one dose of the Janssen Vaccine at the time of application (evidence can be provided in the form of an immunisation history statement or COVID-19 Digital Certificate)
  • hold current first aid and CPR certifications
  • can swim 100 m freestyle.

Find out how to join us as a:

Joining the AFP from another Australian police force

The Lateral Program is for current and recent operational police officers working with Australian state or territory forces. To join us through the Lateral Program, you must:

  • hold a Diploma of Public Safety (Policing) or equivalent
  • have strong experience in criminal investigation
  • be an Australian citizen
  • be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations
  • have and maintain a Negative Vetting 1 security clearance. For the CTSI Command, you will be required to have a Negative Vetting 2 or the ability to obtain one.
  • hold current first aid and CPR certifications
  • show evidence that you can swim 100 m freestyle.

Find out more about our Lateral Program.