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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Register

A record of all PIAs completed since 1 July 2018

Privacy Impact Assessment Register

We publish a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Register pursuant to section 15(1) of the Australian Government Agencies Privacy Code.

Title of PIA
Date of PIA
Livescan Capability Uplift July 2024
Auror Retail Crime Platform December 2023
Protection CCTV Uplift November 2023
Not Only Structured Query Language Database July 2023

Enforcement agency information sharing system (AFP participation only)

May 2023

Pilot of Forensic/Investigative Genetic Genealogy

March 2023

Advanced Analytics Engine Room (Expansion 1)

January 2023

Quintiq workforce management solution

July 2022

The provision of psychological assessments and related services by a third party provider to the AFP

July 2022

Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility – Telecommunications Interception and Surveillance Device Platform (TISD)

May 2022

Provision of NCMEC data to Home Affairs

February 2022

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of AFP employees and relevant AFP appointees (including reporting of vaccination information)

January 2022

SHIELD Program: Delivery of health and wellbeing services to employees

January 2022

National DNA Program for Unidentified and Missing Persons

January 2022

StrategyDotZero: Migration from on-premise to AFP cloud

November 2021

Cybercrime Operations use of HYAS Insight

June 2021

Cybercrime Operations use of SpyCloud

June 2021

Microsoft 365

June 2021

Program Rampart

April 2021

ACT Policing Electronic Briefs of Evidence Capability (ACTPEBE)

August 2020

Advanced Analytics Engine Room (AAER)

August 2020

Software used for National Australian Victim Identification Database

August 2020

Software used for National Child Abuse Reporting and Triage System

August 2020

Body worn cameras use by Protection Operations Aviation

May 2020

Information Discovery Application

February 2020

Last updated: 30 May 2024.