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Season 2 Crime Interrupted

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The AFP provided exclusive access to its case vault and this podcast series provides a detailed insight into how it interrupts the most serious of crimes. Released monthly from 14 April 2023, Season 2 showcases counterterrorism, child care fraud and more.  

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Season 2 - Crime Interrupted

Episode 1: Operation Kastelholm

When four young men began planning a terrorist attack in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the Joint Counter Terrorism Team had just days to avert it.

Release date: Friday 14 April 2023

Episode 2: Operation Caulis

Putting together the little pieces was what it took for the AFP to dismantle a multi-million dollar child care fraud syndicate.

Release date: Friday 12 May 2023

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Episode 3: Operation Blare

Foreign bribery is seen as a rare form of corruption without consequences for the broader Australian community. Go behind the scenes of Operation Blare – the second prosecution of foreign bribery in Australia’s history.

Release date: 9 June 2023

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Episode 4: Operation Boscobel

When the AFP joined a multi-agency taskforce to investigate security and vulnerabilities on the waterfront, they had no idea they would discover a huge national fraud involving tens of millions of dollars. From off-the-book payments to clandestine collections of money in white envelopes, Operation Boscobel investigators were there to document it all. A dedicated team put together literally a truck-load of evidence. In the wake of this, the six main players didn’t stand a chance in court.

Release date: 14 July 2023

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Episode 5: Operation Birks

Operation Birks saw the AFP and its partners bring down a syndicate stealing millions of dollars from every day Australians’ superannuation funds and share trading accounts.

Release date: 11 August

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Episode 6: Operation Collage

Bad weather off the Australian east coast, the purchase of Australian oranges and 400kg of cocaine. Hear how these all fit together as the AFP and its partners took down an international drug smuggling syndicate in Operation Collage.

Release date: 8 September

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