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Season 1 Crime Interrupted

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The AFP provided exclusive access to its case vault and this podcast series provides a detailed insight into how it interrupts the most serious of crimes.

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Season 1 - Crime Interrupted

Episode 1: Operation Kitrino

In Operation Kitrino, the AFP investigated a well-established human trafficking syndicate operating within the brothel industry in Melbourne. It took months to locate the syndicate head who was targeting mostly Korean women who found themselves quickly trapped in debt bondage and had no escape. Lured by the opportunity to clear their debt… but at what cost?

Release date: Friday 4 February 2022

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Episode 2: Operation Boone

It all started with a group of school kids talking in the playground about getting cheap Netflix. It ended with the largest forfeiture of cryptocurrency at the Commonwealth level to date. Find out how a young man in the Northern Beaches of Sydney used account generator websites to sell usernames and passwords to popular subscription services… and how a pizza order contributed to his undoing as part of Operation Boone.

Release date: Friday 11 February 2022

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Episode 3: Operation Streambank

When South Australian farmer Des fell in love with ‘Natacha’ as part of an online romance scam, he travelled more than 8,000 kms to West Africa. From the moment he got off the plane, he was in the hands of dangerous kidnappers. In Operation Streambank we find out how the AFP worked with national and international partners to scam the scammers and get Des away from his kidnappers and back to Australia safely.

Release date: Friday 18 February 2022

Episode 4: Operation Ascalon

When a father reported to the AFP that his 13-year-old son had been the victim of online sexual abuse, investigators quickly discovered hundreds of other boys had been targeted by the same offender, both in Australia and overseas. The investigators uncovered disturbing patterns of behaviour the offender used to garner trust from his victims. Find out how the AFP brought him to justice as part of Operation Ascalon.

Release date: Friday 25 February 2022

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Episode 5: Operation Okesi

In Operation Okesi we find out about an international multi-agency effort that seized cocaine with an estimated street value of $360 million and 15 men charged with serious drug importation offences. A great outcome that took more than two and a half years, a boat intercept and numerous arrests across the country to interrupt this drug trafficking syndicate.

Release date: Friday 4 March 2022

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Episode 6: Operation Middleham

An SUV, a boat and a road trip from Melbourne to North Queensland. In Operation Middleham, we learn about the plans of a group of radicalised men preparing to travel overseas to engage in hostile activities to overthrow a government. Find out how quickly the situation escalated and how it all came undone for the offenders.

Release date: Friday 11 March 2022

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