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ACT Policing

Providing a community policing service in the Australian Capital Territory

About ACT Policing

ACT Policing is the community policing arm of the AFP. Our job is to provide high-quality and effective policing services to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on behalf of the ACT Government to keep the ACT and its people safe.

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Our work

We work with the ACT Government, partner agencies and the community to deliver professional, innovative and effective policing services for the ACT community.

The ACT community is growing and changing. The population is increasing, and more land is being developed. As a result, the criminal and social environment is becoming more complex.

Our community-focused police service model (PSM) aims to address these changes by:

  • targeting resources where they're most effective
  • conducting crime prevention activities
  • addressing the root causes of crime.

Working closely with our stakeholders and partners we are focused on:

  • reducing the overrepresentation of First Nations people in the criminal justice system
  • implementing effective sexual assault prevention strategies and responses
  • raising the age of minimum criminal responsibility
  • combating dangerous driving
  • countering the threat of terrorism and violent extremism
  • strengthening the community to protect against targeting by organised crime
  • providing a tailored and coordinated approach to address and prevent family violence.

As part of the AFP, ACT Policing also supports national and international, specialist protective and external territory policing priorities. External territories include:

  • Christmas Island
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • Jervis Bay
  • Norfolk Island.

Our priorities

We are committed to serving the Canberra community, preventing, disrupting and responding to crime. Our key strategic priorities are:

  • acquiring technology that works for the ACT Policing environment
  • forming partnerships within the community to address crime holistically
  • ensuring we maintain and develop the right people and experience
  • ensuring intelligence can be used and shared tactically and strategically
  • establishing structures to ensure vulnerable people can access the support they need.

Our people

ACT Policing officers are the first point of contact for members of the ACT community seeking help. With over 900 staff, we have a diverse range of police officers, protective services officers and specialist and support staff.

We also have community volunteers who help through the Volunteers in Policing Program.

Find out more about becoming a police officer with ACT Policing.

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