Crime Stoppers for illegal activity in Australia

Report crime anonymously and help keep your community safe

When to call Crime Stoppers

In an emergency, call000 for police, fire or ambulance.

When you need to report a non-urgent crime, and there is no immediate danger to you or anyone else, call the Police Assistance Line on131 444.

If you have information on illegal activity anywhere in Australia, call Crime Stoppers on1800 333 000 or visit Crime Stoppers Australia.

When you call, please tell the operator:

  • how you found the information
  • about past or present criminal activity
  • about suspicious or unusual activities
  • personal details of people involved
  • details of the criminal activity or suspicious behaviour
  • details of the property, including if there are guard dogs or weapons
  • details of vehicles.

If vital information is missing, police may be unable to act on your report.

Why it's important to us

Information from the public is often one of the last pieces needed to solve a case. You can see and hear things police can’t. Reporting that information can help keep your community safe.

The AFP often investigates matters involving serious crime, such as:

You can help solve these crimes and others by providing any information you think might be helpful to Crime Stoppers.

How it works

Crime Stoppers is a national crime reporting service for members of the public. It's a safe way to provide anonymous information about unsolved crimes, suspicious activity and people.

Crime Stoppers is an independent registered charity that works with police, media and the community to help solve, reduce and prevent crime.

Calls and online reports to Crime Stoppers have helped:

  • identify locations of drug labs
  • catch people wanted for assault and murder
  • solve arsons, thefts and robberies.

Small pieces of information may not seem important, but they could be vital to an ongoing case. One piece of information can be all it takes to help keep your community safe.

If you see something, say something.


You can provide information anonymously. Your caller ID isn't visible on Crime Stoppers phone systems, and your call is not recorded.

If you send information online, there is no access to your personal data, IP address, details of the computer you’re using or your location.


You could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 if your information leads to an arrest. You will stay anonymous. A unique code is applied to your information report if a reward is payable.